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Get in touch with one of our appraisal consulting experts to discuss your needs. From condemnation, to tax appeal, to litigation situations and more, we can help you find an accurate valuation for your property.
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Get Help from Our Appraisal Consulting Professionals Regarding Condemnation, Litigation, Tax Appeals and More

Whether you need assistance with locating a qualified professional appraiser, preparing an appeal document or valuing a property for condemnation, we have the appraisal experience to help. We strive to provide the highest quality appraisals for you or your client. Our team of professionals can assist in all of these unique situations:


Have an appraisor help determine just compen-sation for your property.

Tax Appeal

Get the evidence you need to present to the board of appeals.


Get a credible opinion of your property’s value in the court of law.


Francis T. Webster handles a variety of insurance related issues.

Condemnation Appraisals & Eminent Domain


An appraisal is needed to help determine just compensation when the government takes an entire property, part of one, or places easements on a property. Our condemnation appraisers are well versed when it comes to government takings and the intricacies that often apply to different situations. We have performed assignments for right-of-way expansion, street vacation, as well as a variety of other scenarios including conservation and Yellow Book assignments for federal land acquisitions.

Property Tax Appraisal Appeals


Do you believe your property tax assessment is higher than the market value of the property? An independent tax appraisal report might be the most persuasive evidence you can provide the board of appeals. If you reach out and let us know your situation, we can provide you with ideas moving forward.

Litigation Appraisals


Appraisers play a key role in litigation, whenever a credible opinion of a property’s value is required. A litigation appraiser may be called upon to support their opinions in a courtroom or deposition. Cases vary from marital dissolutions, probate, estates & trusts, and title disputes.

Insurance Appraisals


Why get an insurance replacement cost appraisal? The outcome is a breakdown of your home or commercial building’s total insurable value. The appraisal will help the owner and insurance company both provide and receive adequately compensation in the event of a loss. The analysis provided is conducted utilizing nationally recognized costing data and locally provided information.

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